Links - Links page is the firsthand information source of Nakhon Ratchasima, Isaan, Northeast Thailand. It features the languages German, English and Dutch. Many illustrated articles about sightseeing and local culture have been posted there. Classified ads and questions concerning life in Korat made it a rich source of information. is the photo gallery of the Korat-info forum featuring lots of nice photographs of Korat and Isaan taken by members of the Korat-Info community. is the home movie forum of the Korat-info forum featuring lots of amateur movies of Korat and Isaan uploaded on youtube and similar sites. A good way to gain an impression of the area. is a Korat forum with daily updated news and critical articles as well as discussions on sightseeing, expat life etc. in Korat and Isaan. Koratfart is in English only. is a site displaying the RSS feeds of various forums and blogs informing about Nakhon Ratchasima and the Isaan. After a hacker attack it is running a very old backup with a few functions only. was a site and forum dedicated to information for travellers and expats in Isaan and Northeast Thailand. It has not been reopened again since a crash a couple of years ago. It's development is momentarily on hold. is in English only. is a restarted blog with comments about expat life in Korat and Isaan. Very new still! had been started as an experiment but is laying dormant now. is a blog with updated and ranked links to various Korat forums and blogs, sometimes with comment on the expat online life here.  is a site with blog supposed to give some info and impressions of the nightlife in Nakhon Ratchasima. It has been laying dormant for a long time. was intended to be a news site, but there  articles get posted  at long intervals only. It appears to me that its administrator lost interest in updating and arranging things. is a brand new startup.  Then there are a couple more startups and sites from my perspective with questionable agendas, therefore until complete clearance of their position in the Korat expat community not worth getting recommended here. There are some other sites struggling or laying dead on the web here as well. is a brand new site dedicated to the popular culture and nightlife scene. 

There are even more sites struggling to get a place in Korat's forum, blog and website landscape, which I don't think them noteworthy to be listed on here.

This page has been updated last on Aug. 13, 2014