Best time for visiting Korat

Nakhon Ratchasima has a tropical wet and dry climate. There are three seasons:
- The cool dry season from late November till February with temperatures in December averaging around 17 Celsius at night time and going up to around 30 Celsius during daytime with clear sunny skies. The humidity is low then.
- The hot dry season from March till May can see daytime temperatures in the mid 30s to 40.
- The rainy season from June to October has daytime temperatures 30 - 35 with night-time temperatures 20 - 25. Typically the humidity level is high.

The best time for visiting or vacationing in Korat is therefore the cool season November till February. Though most festivals like Thao Suranaree Fair, Songkhran and Khao Pansa are in the hot season, Loi Krathong, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year can be celebrated in enjoyable weather. Jim Thompson Farm in Pak Thong Chai has its annual Art on the Farm festival always around New Year. In Khao Yai and Tap Lan national parks you can enjoy Flowers in blossom.

The rainy season is hardly time to enjoy Korat as visitor, since flash floods  endanger outdoor activities like hiking, and photographs hardly turn out well, when you can't even see the sky.