Hi, welcome to this new page about being new to Korat. I have planned to put a few advices together on a page for people coming to Korat and not finding their right way yet. Please have some patience for this site to develop. All that exists till now is the idea and the will.

You won't believe it, but the last update, actually the first making of this page dates from Monday, 23 February 2009. That now, more than three years later I took the first steps in developing this site any further might be a bad sign for some, but I think it is a good sign, because in those three years I did learn a lot about webmastering, Korat and the needs of expats in Korat. Therefore it should be easier to get on with this project now. Just don't expect it to go on and be fully developed overnight. There isn't even need for that. In the last six years I've been running another site, a forum, quite successfully. So I should have gained some resources enabling me to continue this project.

And another year in the land got me to continue a little. But it isn't like one of these blogs that got started with one or two articles and then never continued. I'm studying how to improve things all the time.

One of my approaches is to start with a basic article, more like a snippet, and then by the time develop that further by inserting additional photographs, info and links. And as pages fill up things will be streched out and more features will be added. Please have some patience, if you don't see much at the beginning!