Phanom Rung Historical Park

Phanom Rung is another grand and majestic Khmer castle, definitely worth visiting, older than Angkor Wat and extremely well-preserved. It was built more than thousand years ago at 1,320 feet above sea level on an extinct volcano originally as a Hindu religious site, and later became a Buddhist one. It has a very impressive Processional Walkway and staircase leading up to the temple, lined by Nagas.

it is located about 100 km east of Korat in Buriram province, near Nangrong. If you're taking a bus from Korat to Buriram, tell the attendant about your destination, so they can let you off near Nang Rong at the road leading to the castle, where plenty of motorcycle taxis or tuktuks are waiting to take you.

Open daily from 06.00-18.00 hrs, Phone: 044 - 782 715

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