Prang Khonburi - Khmer temple ruin in Khon Buri

 NAKHON RATCHASIMA -- The renovation of an 800-year-old Khmer temple in Khon Buri district of this northeastern province has been completed and is expected to become a new tourist attraction.

Somchart Dejdon, mayor of Khon Buri Municipality, on Sunday morning inspected the site of the Khon Buri temple ruin, which is situated in tambon Khon Buri Tai, after the renovation of the ruin has been completed.

The renovation began in November 2015 with a budget of 8.1 million baht allocated by the Fine Arts Department. During the renovation, the department's craftsmen first moved out parts of the ruin made of sandstone and laterite. The parts were later reassembled to produce the strong structure of the Hindu temple.

Mr Somchart said local people regard the Khon Buri temple ruin as a symbol of Khon Buri district. He believed the temple will become a new tourist attraction. The municipality and local people had prepared facilities for tourists to visit it.

The Khmer temple is located inside the perimetre of Ban Khon Buri Nakhon Thammakosit School. It was built between BE 1753 and 1724 during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, one of the most forceful and productive kings of the Khmer empire. It was believed to be an ancient medical centre for pilgrims during that time.

According to Mr Somchart, during the renovation a number of artefacts were discovered. The artefacts have been moved to the 12th Fine Arts office in Nakhon Ratchasima. Source

Having visited it myself yesterday I don't think it is a must-see, if you've visited other of the numerous Khmer-Ruins in the province already. What I found most interesting is the water reservoir they had already built as part of the sanctuary. If you want to see yourself, the GPS data are 14.574623 102.153784

About 500 m from the Khmer-Ruin is the Wat Khonburi, that is worth a visit itself:

Jim Thompson Farm Tours

For about three weeks around New Year the Jim Thompson Farm is open daily from  from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm.

In 1988, to ensure a steady and reliable supply of raw materials for silk production, the Thai Silk Company decided to invest in its own mulberry plantation and silkworm egg production center. Situated in the Pak Thong Chai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province, the project area initially covered 600 rai (about 96 hectares/237 acres).

The Jim Thompson Farm was opened to the public for the first time in 2001 and has since evolved into one of Isan's most popular agrotourism and ecotourism attractions. It is open to visitors once a year during the peak of the cool season.

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Wat Ban Rai near Dankhuntod (updated)

Wat Ban Rai near Dankhuntod is another location one shouldn't be missing when visiting Korat. Not only for the beauty of the wat, but rather for a blessing by one of Thailand's most famous monks, Luang Phor Khoon Parisuttho, born Oct 4,1922. Luang Phor Khoon is said to have helped many people directly and using the donations to the temple for supporting schools and universities. He is one of Korat's top celebrities. He passed away at age 92 on May 16,2015.

More pics  For Navi: N 15°17.905' E 101°44.205'